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I get a lot of comments about how my shop always looks so clean. Have I been deceiving you?Hereҳ what my shop actually looks like after a woodworking project. Check out Andrewҳ video on making the blade guard: And subscribe to him! TOOLS / SUPPLIES Table Saw: Miter Saw: Large Bandsaw: Large Bandsaw Blade: Small Bandsaw: Small Bandsaw Blade: Jointer: Planer: Lathe: Drill Press: Router: Router Lift(similar): Router Fence: Disc Sander(similar): Belt Sander: Spindle Sander: Drum Sander: Dust Extractor: Sander Dust Extractor: Wall Mount Dust Collector(similar): Dust Collector Canister Filter: Laser Cutter: Large CNC: Handheld CNC: Ultimaker 3D Printer: ALL THE LINKS Music by Me: Patreon Support / Extra Content: T-Shirts / Books / Stickers / Plans: Making It Podcast: FOLLOW ME DIY Roman Shades Vs Custom Roman Shades ֠How Do You Choose? The DIYҥr is always faced with the classic dilemma. Do I do it myself or do I have someone do it for me? When it comes to roman shades, there are several alternatives available. They will differ in quality, cost and available options. This article presents some important points that might help simplify the decision. Simple Woodworking Projects As Hobbies Everyone needs a hobby. Whether it is something to relieve stress, wind down from work, or bring the family together, hobbies help us by bringing a little spice to the ingredients of our life. They just make our routines more enjoyable! That is why simple woodworking projects have taken a dramatic rise in the list of favorite American past-times. These fun, easy tasks help us get back to our roots and enjoy the simplistic ways of life. Things You Should Do Before Storing Your Boat for Winter Winter is a harsh time. If you own a boat, the extreme cold and elements during winter can cause damage to it. To prolong the life of your boat there are several steps you should take to prepare it for this extreme season. How to Measure For Window Blinds When shopping for vertical blinds for your windows, taking measurements is one of the most important things you have to do. As tasking as it may be, measuring cannot be skipped. In shopping for blinds, there is nothing like one-blind fits all. Why Choose Roller Blinds for Your Windows There are a number of reasons why you may want to cover windows. Increased privacy and to block out unwanted light are just two of them. Oil Analysis Labs Performing a check on the composition and cleanliness of industrial lubricants will reveal how well machinery is operating. Oil analysis labs are equipped with advanced testing equipment that indicates the overall health of pumping systems, compactors, electrical motors, internal combustion engines and turbines. Every moving part in machinery that comes in contact with oils or lubricants leaves behind trace evidence. What I Have Learned About Building My Own Tiki Bar Being a tiki bar owner now for over 5 years I have learned things that I wish would have done and things that I would never do again. I would like to share with you my mistakes and improvements to my tiki bar. How To Install A Suspended Drywall Ceiling If you want to install a perfectly flat ceiling over old drywall that is not flat, or even over brand new framing thatҳ just out of whack, using a steel-frame suspende ceiling system might turn out to be easier than endlessly fussing with furring and shims trying to flatten out the ceiling. Modern suspension systems are substantially easier to install than old systems. Buying a Replacement Manhole Cover As manhole covers age, they tend to become brittle due to continued exposure to the elements. Eventually they will break, particularly if they are made of cast iron. A broken cover allows drain odours to escape from the underground drainage system and it poses a danger to pedestrians and vehicles, so it needs to replaced as a matter of urgency. Top Drywall Hanging Tips And Techniques Hanging drywall does have some time-saving tips, special applications and unique tools, such as the deadmen, panel lifters, and stilts. All of which are very useful when moving or installing gypsum drywall. Below is a list of tools that may be used to ease this process. Replace An Old Roof Light With a Ceiling Fan Choose your ceiling fan properly as to dimension and decor as you want it to combination in perfectly with the entire area. If there are steel accessories, which are existing on many well-known designs of ceiling lovers, take proper need to get noticeable whether the steel accessories are refined steel or traditional steel as you will want to have them all the same if you are buying more than one and you will want to synchronize with the relax of your decor. Also, go with the planet or light treatments to the rest of your decor as well. DIY Roman Shades ֠Make Them Safe Roman shades are decorative window coverings favored by the DIYҥr for many good reasons. They are affordable, attractive and reasonably easy to make. Children, unfortunately, have been injured playing with roman shades that do not take safety into consideration. Fortunately, components and design principles are available that allow the DIYҥr to fabricate a safer product.