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4 BOOKS IN 1 DEAL - BOOK 1 - HOW TO CARE AND MAINTAIN YOUR HAND TOOLS- BOOK 2 - ESSENTIAL HAND TOOLS EVERY WOODWORKER MUST HAVE- BOOK 3 - HOW TO DESIGN YOUR FIRST WORKSHOP- BOOK 4 - HELPFUL TIPS, TRICKS AND HACKSՁre you new to woodworking and want setup your own workshop?Մo you want to learn about woodworking tools and how to use them?Մo you want to learn new tips, tricks and hacks?If your answer is yes, this book is for you!CLICK BUY NOW TO GET STARTED TODAY!IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN:Ոow to use sharpening toolsՈow to maintain BenchstonesՈow to maintain bench grindersՈow to maintain hand toolsՈow to sharpen handsawsՈow to use chisels and gougesՈow to use bench planesՈow to use scrapersՈow to maintain roughing and shaping toolsՈow to take care of braces and bitsՈow to sharpen power tool bladesՈow to use router bits and shaper cuttersՈow to maintain circular saw bladesՈow to maintain band saw bladesՈow to maintain jointer and planer knivesՈow to maintain portable power toolsՈow to repair portable power toolsՈow to maintain stationary power toolsՈow to use table sawsՈow to use radial arm sawsՈow to use band sawsՈow to use jointers and planersՈow to use drill pressesՈow to use lathes and shapersՈow to plane correctlyՈow to use the Card ScraperՈow to use cabinet scrapers and scraper planesՈow to use Japanese chiselsՈow to use hammers and malletsՈow to sharpen planes and chiselsՈow to keep your tools sharpՍust have router bitsՈow to use rabbeting bitsՄrill press tips and fundamentalsՌow-Cost workshop optionsՈow to use the Bench ViseՔips for Sawhorses՗orkshop Storage TipsՄust Mask and Respirators TipsՈow to start planning your venturesՓupplementary tips for beginnersՈow to develop your own designs Ոow to shape woodՂandsaw and Jigsaw tipsՈow to handplane like a proՈow to smooth woodՒipping techniquesՈow to apply crosscutsՈow to break edgesՈow to taper legs using tablesaw՗ood moulding techniquesՈow to fix mistakes and moreCLICK BUY NOW TO GET STARTED TODAY!