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About this item ㌩ghtweight but Powerful㺠The weight is only about 4.4oz. But the maximum clamping range is 3.74 inches. With ergonomic design, each angle clamp includes 2 rubber pads to protect your wood pieces from any damage. ㆡst Clamping Lock㺠With WETOLS fast clamping lock built in the adjustable angle clamp, you will spend less time doing the work. WETOLS woodworking corner jigs are an ideal choice for novice or professionals. You will benefit a lot from working on a photo frame or cabinet. 㐲emium Quality㺠The WETOLS fast angle clamp is made of superior aluminum alloy and High Strength engineering plastics, which is tough, durable, and corrosion-resistant for long term use. ㍵ltifunction㺠The WETOLS fast corner clamp is designed for different kind of wood crafting, such as craftwork alignment, drilling, carpentry, welding, tightening for making drawers, cabinets, square boxes and picture/photo frame reinforcement, furniture repair connections, wooden DIY projects, etc. 㗅TOLS Woodworking Series㺠Enjoyed by over 1 million users worldwide, our leading technology will change the way you woodcraft.