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Raquel Wedge's Wavy Day By Raquel Wedge is a gorgeous tousled waved bob which elegantly falls right below the shoulders. Crafted from Tru2Life heat friendly synthetic hair, this wig can be styled using thermal styling tools for styling. This hand-tied monofilament base and Memory Cap III top provide a light, cool fit. Tru2Life Heat Friendly Fibre Wavy Days, a contemporary Page Boy with an elegant soft-styled wave texture, evenly falling just below shoulders, has a temple to Temple hand tied monofilament topped and a Memory Cap III base for maximum confort. Tru2Life fiber is heat-friendly, so you can easily change your style whenever you want. Flat iron, curl or blow dry this wig as often as necessary in order to recreate classic styles like flatironing, curling or blow drying - always using low settings so as not to damage or overheat its fiber. Tru2Life Fiber by Hairuwear can be styled at temperatures up 350 degrees Fahrenheit using low-temperature thermal styling devices. The fiber retains its shape even after several washes, while remaining compatible with natural colors and offering maximum flexibility. Raquel Welch pieces and wigs come with detailed instructions on how to maintain their health. Brush, comb or style your wig often so that it looks at its best. Monofilament Top Monofilament Top Wigs: Individual hairs are sewn on an invisible base that gives the illusion of growing out of your scalp. The monofilament style allows for greater styling versatility and control, as well as full part control. Wefted styles are heavier and may be cooler in hotter weather. They may be more costly however. Monofilament fishing lines are known for their versatility. They are easy to cast and handle. Abrasion resistance is another benefit of monofilament fishing line. This helps to prevent line snags, especially when fishing far from structures and brush. Monofilament wigs can be worn daily, though regular washing and conditioning is necessary to preserve their natural look. To get the best results, make sure you follow the care instructions of your manufacturer. For the best fit, you can compare your results with our chart to find out what size wig is right for you. If you want to style your synthetic or monofilament human hair wigs, heat styling is allowed. Lace Front Lace front hairpieces and wigs are popular for their ability to blend in seamlessly with growing hairlines, while offering a variety of styling options. Lace fronts are also a great way to protect your natural hair while still offering styling and protection options. This makes them a popular choice for women who want to grow out and protect their natural hair. The lace frontals are installed by sewing them in. However, lace closures cover only the exact middle portion of your hairline. Moreover, fewer raw Indian bundles will be required to cover your entire head. This makes the former more costly than its counterpart. For your lace frontal to last as long as possible, it is crucial that it is maintained regularly with brushing and detangling. Avoid conditioner as it can loosen the hand-tied strands and cause your frontal to fall out over time.