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About this item ⿠Premium Quality - Our right angle 90 degree wood clamp are uniquely made with aluminum alloy die-casting structure. High durability and a well-built design are transmitted to assure long-term use. Solid, lighter to hold, but more durable aluminum construction. ⿠Swing Jaw Design - The 90 degree clamps for woodworking clamps set are a precision woodworking clamping tool for DIY enthusiasts. The floating head and electroplating revolving spindle screw may be adjusted to precisely align and retain work items. The anti-skid handle is beautifully coated in rubber to guarantee the user's hands are comfortable. ⿠Clamping Range - The cabinet clamps kit woodworking clamp maximum clamping range is about 2.7 in/68 mm; jaw width: 3.7 in/95 mm; permitting the connection at a straight angle between two differing thicknesses. It can house most items like metal tubes, stainless steel rods, wood, thick glass etc. ⿠Versatile Use - VUDECO wood clamp set is perfect for holding wood corners, welding cabinet, framing, woodworking, drilling, doweling, making cabinets, installing furniture, box and picture frames, etc. The vise is designed for all solid materials such as metal, steel, glass, plastic, steel, or glass. ⿠Precise & Easy to Secure - Solid and anti-skid wood clamps woodworking sets corner tool helps to set up instantly and secure quickly. Rubberized single handle with adjustable rotary jaw can align and hold work pieces precisely. It allows two wood blocks of different thicknesses to be joined at a 90 degree angle. It is easy to use and easy to attach.