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L Is for Leafy Greens Ӆat more leafy greens!ԠDo you hear that all the time? Or is it just me? Seems like a saying that just wonҴ go away. I know we are always commanded by health gurus to eat this or eat that, but with leafy greens, I think there is a reason this mandate has stuck around. Whatҳ Healthy Now? There has been a lot of conversation lately about ӨealthyԠand I must admit it made me take a minute and ask myself ӓo what do people think is healthy?ԠIn working with clients over the years, IҶe learned the definition of the word or the interpretation of healthy can mean a ton of things. Because these differences in opinion on healthy can be a challenge to staying on point in the well-being lifestyle, I hope todayҳ post will help clear things up. 5 Healthy Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Some people have faster metabolisms than others, which isnҴ fair. There are natural and healthy ways to boost your metabolism. Here are the 5 great ways! Do You Know the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds? Pumpkin seeds are sold in health stores around the world and you probably never thought of making a bread with them or muffins, because you didnҴ know the amazing health benefits that they provide. Pumpkin seeds can be used in a wide variety of dishes and once you start using them you will find that you feel healthier and you start enjoying a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis. The Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Coconut oil is increasing in popularity throughout the world. You may be wondering what this product has that makes it a firm favourite over olive oils and other oils used in cooking today. Coconut oil is brimming in healthy fatty acids, those with medicinal properties that can benefit you and your entire family now and moving forward. Sugar and Recovery From Alcohol and Drugs Working with food and brain chemistry includes offering nutrition support to those who are in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. This article touches on the connection between recovery and sugar. Healthy Eating ֠Just What Does the Word ӅnergyԠon Power Bar Packaging Mean? I had a college economics professor who was surprised to find out a particular product contained more calories than another similar product. He had assumed it had more vitamin C. So what was it that fooled him? We hear a great deal said about ӥnergyԠthese days. People talk about ӧood and bad energyԠor ӥnergyԠas something that makes us happier. Energy is measured in calories, so a product with more energy has more calories. Now, letҳ take a look at ӥnergyԠbars. A Google search turns up pages and pages listing types of energy bars. Many have names designed to make customers feel the products are healthful or promote athletic performance. The Foods You Think Are Healthy, But ArenҴ There are many foods, which are a labeled healthy, but are actually not good for you. You could be contaminating your body with supposed healthy foods. Find out what foods you need to stay away from to actually be healthy. How Much Protein Post Workout? It is always good to have a balanced diet and an appropriate set of meals especially those that are rich in proteins. However, this does not mean that you have to consume everything irrespective of the quantity and forget the fact that extreme intake of these nutrients can as well cause debilitating effects on the body. Therefore, having knowledge on how much protein post workout can be of great significance on how you can benefit from the diet.