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Optimal Solution: Create an optimal environment for yourself and your family with the SECRUI KR-TH1 room temperature monitor! This premium gadget allows you to check on a wide range of data to make sure everything is just right with the ambient. High Accuracy Design: Our indoor temperature and humidity monitor has a high accuracy of ?%RH and ?egrees F. It is a good option for measuring quickly fluctuating readings like those in a greenhouse. To make sure everything is right, the data measurements are updated every 10 seconds so you are always up to date. Put Data into Context: This room temperature and humidity monitor displays the highest and lowest temperature and humidity levels from the past, so you can understand how the data is evolving for your environment and make any changes that may lead to a more comfortable experience. Features an Air Comfort Indicator: This temperature humidity monitor features a built-in humidity meter with a level icon that indicates the quality of the air (dry/comfort/wet). This allows the humidity sensor to ensure youҲe always aware of changes to your household so you can create an optimal environment. 3 Installation Methods: Our digital humidity monitor can be installed either on the wall by pinning it into a simple nail, sticking it to the fridge through the built-in magnet, or using the stand on any flat surface.