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Running is one of the most fun, effective and cheapest ways you can get started with your weight loss journey. For Nick, co-founder of Lean6 & Unstoppabl, running literally saved his life and helped him 77lbs. We want the same for you, so here are 16 of our best tips that helped Nick drop the weight and keep it off. ______________________ Want To Gain Definition, Drop Stubborn Fat And Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life In The Next 8 Weeks?ŠAnd Get Better Results Than People Who Spend Hours Working Out In The Gym?ż/p> Then get started on our Choose To Lose Programme here: ______________________ Want to kickstart your running journey so you can get in shape now? Get our FREE 5k Kickstarter here: ______________________ Chapters: 00:00 00:18 Tip 1 ֠how to start losing weight 00:37 Tip 2 ֠how to fill your plate 01:30 Tip 3 ֠can you still enjoy the food you love and lose weight? 02:09 Tip 4 ֠why turning up every day is so important for weight loss 02:44 Tip 5 ֠ Ӊ am a runnerԼbr />03:06 Tip 6 ֠what method you need when you start running 03:49 Tip 7 ֠how to stop getting injured and be a stronger runner 04:13 Tip 8 ֠how music helps you lose weight 04:48 Tip 9 ֠ grab your headphones you wonҴ want to miss this. 05:32 Tip 10 ֠how to fast track you weight loss 06:13 Tip 11 ֠why you need a plan that fits you 06:33 Tip 12 ֠reward yourself 06:53 Tip 13- when its cold and wet ֠the one thing that will get you out for your run 07:09 Tip 14 ֠find your north star 07:38 Tip 15 ֠always remember that feeling 08:09 Tip 16 ֠whoҳ the one person that can get you to your goal? 08:32 A Special Surpriseż/p> ______________________ If youҲe looking for some extra help with losing weight here are a couple of blogs to take a look at