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About this item STAY FULL LONGER, CURB CRAVINGS, LOSE WEIGHT: Packed with 15g protein and nutrients, youҬl feel full, energized and snack less throughout the day. Makes an easy option as a quick snack or dessert. Speed up your weight loss by fueling fat burning, and allowing you to not feel hungry for a few hours. BIG ON TASTE: Enjoy the rewarding delicious taste of these layered wafers that can satisfy your craving for something sweet, without adding the extra calories and sugar! No need to suffer through eating another tasteless diet protein snack again. MEDICAL GRADE NUTRITION: Works great for hunger control and appetite suppressant.Infused with premium quality ingredients, these individually packed wafer squares are fortified with nutrients. Formulated specifically for women and men to support multiple diet protocols including a high protein, low carbohydrate meal plans. ACCELERATE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS: Perfect for before or after a workout. Grab a protein wafer bar about an hour before a workout to provide carbs and protein for energy and lean muscle support. Treat yourself after your workout to replenish energy and help the muscle recovery process. TRUSTED BRAND | 100 percent SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Scientifically formulated for optimal weight management, ProtiWise is committed to bringing you premium weight management products that are supported by hospitals, physicians, and weight loss clinics nationwide. We back our products with excellent and personalized customer service when purchased from Doctors Weight Loss FBA. Directions: Open the wrapper and enjoy Flavor name: Chocolate