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About this item Boosts Memory, Concentration & Performance ֠No Brain Fog ֠Whether you are having issues remembering, focusing, or thinking clearly, Neutein is here to help! Created by a doctor, this herbal vitamin maximizes your brainҳ functioning, increases your ability to recall information, and improves attention. Perfect for general life, work, reading, or studying, with Neutein achieve mental clarity, sharper thinking, and overall cognitive strength ⠂acked by Science ֠Neutein has more verified studies than any other brain supplement in the world! Unlike other memory enhancers, our dynamic, plant-based formula has gone through 12 clinical trials. With science on our side, Neutein is proven not only to better short-term and working memory, concentration, reaction time, and more, but also has continued brain health and wellness benefits Improves Sleep Quality ֠Did you know a key part of memory is sleep? Formulated to support all facets of memory, Neuteinҳ super brain supplement also promotes a healthy sleep cycle. As we spend more time with technology, we increase our exposure to sleep-inhibiting blue light. Neutein reduces the absorption of blue light so you can experience high quality rest, boosted memory, and greater brain processing ⠓upports Brain Health & Fights Nerve Damage ֠Neutein is more than an advanced memory nootropic, it is a holistic neuro health supplement. Our clinical strength formula supplies brains with nutrients that are key for long-term well-being and defending against cranial nerve damage. By protecting your mind and its functioning, Neutein improves cognition, lessens mental hiccups, and ensures you operate at your highest capacity Plant-Based, No Caffeine & Made in USA - Your mental health and wellness is our top priority! At Neutein, we have a high standard for quality control and efficacy, using only all-natural, herbal, antioxidant rich, non-GMO ingredients for a safe and effective product. Stimulant free, with instant and long-term benefits, we stop at nothing to supply you with the best memory, focus and brain health supplement on the market. Proudly made in the USA