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A six-week kettlebell strength program that can be completed with a single kettlebell. The program is simple and based on three super-powerful kettlebell exercises that work the full-body. Everything you need to complete the workout and program is covered in this book, warm-ups, exercise descriptions, photos, how to adjust the program, alternative exercises, muscle priming, and even a bonus video of the workout so you can see how to execute the movements. In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan, who is credited with the creation of man from clay, and who defies the gods by stealing fire and giving it to humanity, an act that enabled progress and civilization. In our kettlebell world, Prometheus is going to be your progression in strength. The book has photos of the exercises but as a bonus, you get access to a video so you can see the workout in action. This kettlebell strength program is simple, simple as in just 3 exercises and 4 reps per set. Don't confuse that with easy. The exercises were carefully chosen for the following reasons. The first goal was to keep the exercise selection to a bare minimum. Both the swing and jerk are a full-body exercise, the swings hit the full posterior chain and quads, the jerks hit the legs and arms, and the rows work the upper part of the back which is usually neglected in training. All this combined will require recruitment of just about every muscle in your body. Not only will you look better after 6 weeks, but you'll also feel like the incredible hulk and move like spiderman. In all seriousness, you will gain an incredible amount of strength if you stick to the program, you will move better, feel better, and have increased mobility, especially in the hips and overhead.