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KBC head office number Kolkata 2021,KBC helpline number Kolkata 2021

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Kbc head office number Kolkata 2021 Kbc helpline number Kolkata 2021 kbc lottery winner 2021 The main achievement of KBC is to highlight minutes issue of WhatsApp fake lottery calls and every one is receiving fake WhatsApp lottery calls and documents.Its a great difficulty for the clients to judge between good and bad ,real and fake.we have built special branch for this major issue.Money hackers are playing with the money of innocent and simple minded people. KBC what's app lucky draw is holding every month.This lucky draw is supported by five International countries.These state are leading and tremendous pillar of this event.This fortune maker play has auto and self system.The customers are not invited for registration in this lucky draw.Mobile fone companies are providing and supporting data of their users.If you are using your Sim card in fair and clear ways .to use your Sim cards in under legal activities is symbol of registration.