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About this item AVOID THE SLUMP: YouҬl always have an extra rep to give with In-Kaged in your arsenal! With a full-spectrum of fermented plant-based BCAAs, our intra-workout powder boosts performance, energy, & endurance to help you crush the most gruesome of workouts. Whether youҲe pumping some iron, have your sights on a new running PR, or heading out on an epic cycling adventure, youҬl have the mid-workout rocket fuel to transform your goals into a prideworthy reality. CLEAN & PROVEN INGREDIENTS: At Kaged Muscle, we never hide behind proprietary blends. We donҴ use inflated studies or borrowed science in an attempt to try to uphold cheap, generic ingredients. Our intra workout for men and women contains scientifically tested ingredients including a full spectrum of fermented BCAAs ( L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) L-Citruline, coconut water powder, and CarnoSyn for next-level pumps, and a mix of taurine, L-Tyrosine, and PurCaf caffeine to keep you focused. KEEP THE PUMP: Long after your last rep, that sleeve-splitting pump will remain. And itҳ all thanks to the serving of L-Citrulline and patented CarnoSyn beta-alanine in our amino energy drink ֠superior vasodilators that help flood your muscles with nutrient-rich blood as you train. And no dealing with hard-to-mix, ill-tasting intra-workouts. WeҶe formulated our mid-workout supplement to be a breeze to mix and a delight to drink. Brace yourself for lip-smacking deliciousness between sets! NO BANNED SUBSTANCES: When we say we keep it clean, we mean just that. Our intraworkout BCAA powder is 3rd party tested and screened for all banned substances. And weҲe proud to partner with the industryҳ leading patented ingredient manufacturers; trusted names that develop dietary components through rigorous research and numerous clinical trials to evaluate and confirm their effectiveness. No wonder In-Kaged is the go-to supplement for professional athletes at the top of their game. QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE: Our mission is simple: deliver scientifically backed, superior, but affordable supplements that contain top-notch ingredients and utilize the most innovative technologies. We strongly believe every supplement should be rooted in real science, and above all, safe. We source the purest, most potent raw materials, perform extensive laboratory and real-world testing, and have an unwavering commitment to quality. Go ahead, sample the finest intra-workout!