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DJI FPV Drone Sneak Peek, DJI Mavic Mini 2 Firmware Upgrade, Drone Remote ID News and Updates Learn More ֠ Download and listen to the audio version of the Ask Drone U podcast, and get your drone and business related questions answered here: Get a free drone with our giveaway!!!! Check out our latest Live Classes for Drone Mapping/Operations | | Landing Pads: Best Travel Drone: Best Video Drone: Best Mapping Drone: Best Photography Drone: Learn why more pilots choose Drone U for learning how to fly and turn your passion into profit. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and, if you donҴ mind, leave us a 5-star review while youҲe there: Follow us: Site ֠ Facebook ֠ Instagram ֠ Twitter ֠ YouTube ֠ Drone Mapping Guide ֠ Timestamps 01:23 ֠Is your drone remote-id compliant? 04:20 ֠Will the FAA find it difficult to enforce the new remote-id rules? 06:09 ֠Appleҳ new drone modem to communicate with and guide the Apple car 08:23 ֠Kenji Sugahara, founder, and CEO of AriAscend awarded a patent for remote-id drone technology 14:50 ֠DJIҳ new FPV drone sneak peek 18:40 ֠DJI to launch new FPV drone at CES 2021? 19:32 ֠DJI Mavic Mini 2 firmware upgrade further enhances the capabilities of this tiny powerhouse 21:53 ֠Does the absence of obstacle avoidance on the DJI Mavic Mini 2 result in comprised safety? 22:20 ֠Do you need to comply with the remote-id rules if you are flying a sub-250 gram drone?