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Bol show head office Karachi ,bol news head office number 2021

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bol show helpline number 2021


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Bol news lucky winner head office/Bol news lottery winner head office . Now we are giving good news for bol show lovers and winners.keep on participating and joing lucky draw which is consist of WhatsApp and mobile number .There are two types are game show,one is registered number ,second is WhatsApp number.This fortune making game event has converted from National to International lucky draw.other participant countries are leading and back bone of this play show.Many foreigners are taking registration and,try to get prize regularly.To win lottery is matter of luck and chance.Don,t waste such a golden and shining chance in life.Now a days are clients are receiving fake and bogus calls.these artificial group is misleading and deceiving innocent people on name of Bol news lucky lottery.These parasites are demanding more and more taxes and fines.If you receive and get fake calls or what's app lottery papers.Please visit Bol news lucky or lottery winner head office.Don,t obey or follow these culprits.