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4 Muscle-Building Protein Packed Snacks You could hit the gym 2 hours a day, everyday and see little improvement to your physique or strength at all. The fundamental key to building muscle is in fact to eat right, eat well and eat a lot of protein packed foods! From this article learn the top 4 muscle-building protein packed snacks which can easily be eaten made and consumed. Has Fruit Addiction Simply Replaced Sugar Addiction? (TheyҲe Not That Different!) Sugar is commonly recognized as an unhealthful food. Yet fruit has begun to replace it in the form of fruit syrups and sweeteners, or simply increased consumption of fruit. This can be problematic if it turns into fruit or fructose addiction. Itҳ Not A Diet, Itҳ Just Healthy Nutrition Maintaining self-control at each eating instance is crucial for weight loss success. Itҳ not a diet but simply healthy nutrition along with healthy habits kept throughout the day. If you maintain that mentality, you will be more likely to stick with appropriate amounts of food every time you eat. Does Metabolism Slow With Age? Does metabolism slow with age? This is a question that has come often when training with people in their 30ҳ, 40ҳ and 50ҳ in particular. It seems to be the common thought that, ѩtҳ just one of those thingsҬ and that thereҳ nothing that can be done about it, you canҴ fight mother nature right? Surviving the Long Lunch When long lunches appear on your schedule ֠either business or pleasure- it helps to have a plan of attack to keep you on track with your healthy eating plan. Here are a number of key tips that will keep you on the straight and narrow. Is Your Food Making You Sick? Discovering Food Sensitivities to Feel Your Best Are you sick of feeling sick and tired? Are you taking medication that at best works to cover up symptoms but never solves the problem? The Power of Berries Berries are full of powerful nutrients. Even though they are small, they pack a big nutritional punch. Use them in your meals, or snacks to reap the health benefits. Food Choices For A Candida-Free Diet A Candida diet requires you to eliminate sugar and foods that act like sugar in your body. This can feel like an overwhelming diet with a number of restrictions. Letҳ take a look at the foods you need to avoid to eliminate Candida and then the potential substitutions and alternatives. DonҴ worry, there are still tons of foods you can enjoy and still eliminate your Candida overgrowth. 6 Ways to Beat Fatigue We all feel fatigued at one point or another and for some of us it is more often than not. You feel completely drained mid day and you find it difficult to continue on productively. But there are some helpful tips that you can do to overcome that tired feeling.