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Join us as we discuss tips and ways to balance family life with chasing your woodworking side hustle dreams. Our special guest will be Eddie Thomason from ETwoodworks. Eddie is married with two small children. Our hope is that the information we share will help you realize your dreams as well! Join this channels membership to get access to exclusive member live streams, member only discounts, behind the scenes footage and more member only perks: Follow Eddie here: Watch another livestream replay: Big Tool Purchases Amazon and other affiliate links used in this description help support this channel. Support the channel by shopping our affilliate partners: Buy your router and CNC bits here Use Code 731WOODWORKS for 10% off! Use codes: 731CMT10 for CMT items and 731Micrjig10 for MicroJig and get 10% off those products at Taylor Tools Taylor Tools: Pocket Hole Jigs, Screws and Clamps: PLANS: MERCHANDISE: *Camera Equipment Used for Videos* Canon M50 Canon 22mm Lens: GoPro Hero 8: Microphone I Use: Rodecaster Pro: Rodecaster Pro Microphones: #livestream #woodworkingshow #woodworking How to Install Solar Panels: UL Certified Panels VS Non-UL Certified Panels If youҶe bought yourself some solar power panels, youҲe probably eager to get them put in place and charging your battery bank. Before you do, however, letҳ make sure you are doing the work properly, as well as safely. When installing solar power panels, the first thing you want to do is find out if they are UL certified. UL certification is a government manufacturing certification. UL certified systems have been subjected to thorough safety and quality testing. Do-it-yourself products, along with many professionally made ones, arenҴ UL certified. Why is it necessary to get this information before installing solar systems? Getting Ready For Home Repairs Sprucing up your home is important to keep it running well and to have it look nice. Here is some advice when wondering whether to seek the help of professionals in outdoor projects. Dealing With Water Damage Mold ֠Is It Possible To Do It Yourself? Severe flooding will most definitely require the expertise of a professional company to clean up, dry out and restore your property as this would be a major undertaking and would without doubt be beyond the skills of a vast number of DIY ӥxperts.ԠA professional company will also deal with any water damage mold clean up. How To Build A Simple Wooden Table I, of late took on a DIY project to prove my husband wrong, when he said the only nails I know how to use are the ones on my hands. I grew up with males in my family and knew that making a simple table was not rocket science. I got a basic design from the net and off I went to the hardware store to collect my wood, nails and varnish and I was set to go. This is how I built a simple wooden table. Beginner Woodworking Projects ֠How to Build an Arbor for Your Yard? Would you like to build a nice looking arbor for your yard this summer? Have you ever considered building one yourself? Produce Your Own Electricity: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy With rising electricity prices, rolling blackouts, and decreasing supplies of fossil fuels, many people are turning to solar technology. This informative article is here to help you figure out if moving to solar power is a good choice in your case. It will do so by giving a good account of both the advantages and disadvantages of solar power, paying special attention to functionality, price, environmental impact, and energy independence. Learn How To Install Your Own In-Wall Speakers Have you decided that you want to get rid of those old big clunky home speakers? Why not get some new sleek in-wall and ceiling speakers and install them yourself to save a little money. This article will give you some useful in-wall speaker installation techniques. Building a Solar Panel ֠Constructing an Aluminum Frame I have discovered the best way to build a solar panel using an aluminum frame. Constructing an aluminum frame can be confusing if you are not familiar with cutting angles. Below is a list of what you will need to construct a frame using 3 x 6 inch solar cells for a 70 watt solar panel. Our frame size will measure 27″ x 32 3/4″. Solar Power for a Brighter Tomorrow Mankind has achieved what must have been fairytale material for the people from the last century. The progress has made the world a much more convenient place to live with new products and innovations coming in the market continually. Home Improvement ֠DIY Home Improvement can be the most rewarding experience you can embark on, if you like the do-it-yourself thing. I think maybe it is the accomplishment of doing something that you think you canҴ do, so it is very rewarding when you prove to yourself that you can do it. Use the Right Software When Planning Any Woodshop Project There is just so many woodshop projects is really hard count. Most of the woodshop projects are easily done at home and a makeshift woodshop. Such as your garage or a shed in the backyard or maybe even your basement. Pergola Designs Basic Tips Garden pergola designs differ in dimension as well as with shape to give the accurate answer for any home, backyard or background. Resources can be timber, aluminum or vinyl and form can be rectangular, triangular or spherical at the same time as dimension can vary from a tiny arbor like construction to inspiring pergolas.